Pistol Pete the Gunsmith has been widely considered an Industry leader in Gunsmithing, Firearm Parts and Accessories. We currently perform gunsmithing services and provide support for some of the top manufacturers in the world.

Our highly skilled Craftsmen and support team take great pride in performing the art of gunsmithing and we offer an extensive range of services to keep you in the field or on the range.

Our gunsmiths excel in a wide variety of jobs such as stock fitting, wood refinishing, metal restoration, and special performance enhancing projects. As collectors and shooters themselves, our gunsmiths understand the importance of superior workmanship.

The in house Gunsmithing Shop here at Pistol Pete is equipped to handle intense, factory correct restorations along with basic mechanical repairs and custom service applications.

Whether it’s an extensive job like re-soldering a top rib on a vintage double gun or simply fitting a new recoil pad to your favorite deer rifle, you can rely on Pistol Pete the Gunsmith!